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SSJ Shinagawa Bldg
1-6-27, Konan

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Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE)’s founding JAPAN Studio is located in the center of Tokyo. The studio is helmed by Allan Becker, a longtime SIE veteran who was previously head of Santa Monica Studio.

Its internal development staff and outside collaborators have created a diverse selection of original and groundbreaking titles for PlayStation®, such as Bloodborne™, The Tomorrow Children™, KNACK™, Freedom Wars™, Soul Sacrifice™, ICO™, Shadow Of The Colossus™, Hot Shots Golf™ (Everybody’s Golf™), Gravity Rush™, Demon’s Souls™, PATAPON™, Puppeteer™ and The Playroom™.

JAPAN Studio is also responsible for high-quality and award-winning localization of Worldwide Studios games for the Japanese market, including The Last Of Us™, the Uncharted™ series and the God Of War™ series.

Though the name JAPAN Studio came much later, the studio was established in its original form in November 1993, a year earlier than the original PlayStation®, and its position in the heart of SIE's international headquarters affords opportunities to pioneer new gaming techniques using the very latest SIE hardware technology. The building has state-of-the-art facilities, including a THX-certified sound recording studio and video editing suite. 

JAPAN Studio prides itself on creating games that defy conventional genres and explore new styles of gameplay, with an approach that puts innovation and quality first. Its games have won awards around the world, including the Future Award at the 2014 CESA Japan Game Awards for Bloodborne™, Game Of The Year at CESA 2012 for Gravity Rush™, two BAFTA Awards and Best Of E3 for Shadow Of The Colossus™, another two BAFTAs and two AIAS Awards for LocoRoco™, and even entries in the Guinness World Records.

The studio also incubates rising talent, working with upcoming young creators on such games as TOKYO JUNGLE™ and rain™.