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At Worldwide Studios (WWS) Japan, the External Production division collaborates with both established development companies and also promising, up-and-coming teams throughout Japan and Asia. External Development contributes digital content such as coding technology, game design, and artwork to ensure that titles published under Sony Computer Entertainment (SCE)'s name are as technologically advanced and stunningly realised as possible - so that they exceed all expectations for the user.

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As the platform holder, technicians, artists and designers from SCE are in an ideal position to exploit the hardware to its fullest, taking daringly innovative ideas and making them reality. Recently, External Production has worked with Pyramid Inc on the international hit "PATAPON", and with Level-5 on "White Knight Chronicles", while one of the milestone titles for PlayStation® platforms, "Everybody's Golf" (aka "Hot Shots Golf") was also an External Development project with the developer Clap Hanz Ltd,.

This approach has reaped rewards both in terms of sales and critical acclaim, with awards including IGN.com Best of 2008 PSP (PlayStation®Portable) Game of the Year, Best New IP and the GameSpot Most Innovative Game for "PATAPON", and IGN BEST OF 2008 Most Innovative Design for "echocrome".

Japan's External Production team has over 40 highly experienced staff across all games development disciplines, and covers all PlayStation® platforms.

For those interested in developing a game, there is a support program called "PlayStation® C.A.M.P!" This project aims to discover new talent with unique ideas, and supports them in making their game a reality. Please click here to visit the website