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Soho, London
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London Studio is a proud member of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios based in the creative heart of Soho, London. Since forming in 2001 our talented team have sought to forge new ground and have gained extensive experience in bringing new ideas to the PlayStation platforms. We have created a broad range of games including the award-winning "Wonderbook", "SingStar™", "EyeToy®" and "The Getaway".

Our product history demonstrates how deeply innovation is ingrained within our culture. We pride ourselves on our ability to incubate unique game experiences, introducing new ways to play on cutting edge PlayStation technology.

We are very excited about our involvement in virtual reality on Project Morpheus. We have already amassed critical acclaim for our demos ‘The Deep’, ‘VR Luge’, and ‘The London Heist’, which have been shown around the world at many leading games industry events.  We are exceptionally proud to be playing such a major part in show casing virtual reality to the world and continuing our mission of being an industry leader in VR.