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Academic Development Programme

Our Academic Development Programme offers Universities and technical colleges interested in creating videogames and digital entertainment platform specific licences to our development tools (Dev Kits). Our Dev Kit programme is unique as it provides access to the full PlayStation software (SDK) and development hardware for teaching purposes in computer engineering, programming and software development and game design. Registered institutions are able to gain access to the following platforms: Move.me™ and PlayStation®Mobile(PSM), PlayStation®3 (PS3™) PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®4 (PS4™).

Only legally registered institutions are eligible to apply, and as part of our selection criteria, will have to demonstrate the use of PlayStation® technologies as a critical part of the teaching curriculum. Individuals or students are not eligible. To obtain further information and to submit an 'Expression of Interest', please email:


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Partnership Programme

PlayStationFirst addresses the rapidly evolving digital entrainment industry and the need for highly trained developers, and work closely with select academic partners to train the development stars of the future. Our hands-on approach steer PSFirst courses away from some common pitfalls and accelerate learning and progress for both students and tutors with bespoke training access. Students learn on the same hardware professional developer's use, and we pride ourselves on making a significant impact for studio-ready grads, helping to promote the game industry as a creative and exciting career option for next generation of talented game developers. PlayStation®First partnership status is awarded by invitation-only to leading university courses, educational organisations who place PlayStation at the cutting edge of innovation, development and research.

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