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Santa Monica Studio occupies a building that began as an early 20th-century train station located two miles from the sunny beaches of Southern California. The studio is home to over 200 talented developers dedicated to designing, developing and delivering the highest quality AAA PlayStation® products. The studio inspires employees to do their best work in an environment of respect, collaboration, and support.

Established in 1999 by Sony Veteran, Allan Becker, Santa Monica Studio became renowned for excellence in the action/adventure genre with the success of God of War® and its sequels. The God of War® series has won hundreds of awards around the world including ten awards and thirteen nominations from the AIAS (The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences), and three awards and seven nominations at the BAFTAs (The British Academy of Film and Television Arts).

Building upon God of War®'s commitment to excellence in presentation and core mechanics, Santa Monica Studio has also been a pioneer in innovation and mentoring new voices in gaming. Based on a model established with the widely acclaimed thatgamecompany (flOw, Flower, Journey), Santa Monica Studio has since acted as an incubator for the Giant Sparrow team (The Unfinished Swan) and SuperBot Entertainment (PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale).

The studio team has also been a leader in the downloadable space, publishing innovative and award-winning games for the PlayStation®Network, including flOw, Flower, Journey, Warhawk, Linger in Shadows, Everyday Shooter, Fat Princess, Escape Plan, Sound Shapes, The Unfinished Swan, the PixelJunk series, and more.


WWS America offers a comprehensive range of benefits in addition to competitive salary levels, Benefits include;

- Healthcare coverage for employees
- Company Sponsored Life Insurance cover
- Flexible Spending Accounts
- Defined contribution plan (401(k) with company match)
- 10 company paid holidays, plus PTO days for personal use
- Free Games allocation
- Vision Care
- Dental Plan
- Employee Assistance Programs
- Disability Plans
- Training and development programs (technical and soft skills training)

Please note; Benefits may vary and can change from time to time